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Christmas Trees

Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays!

Holiday’s Nursery & Landscaping doesn’t only have you covered during the spring and summer months, but the holiday months also! After all, what good would our name be if we didn’t? 
We have a huge selection of trees, wreaths, and poinsettias. All of our plants are carefully selected for the utmost in quality. They’ll keep you and your family in the holiday spirit all season long!

Trees & Wreaths

Holiday’s Nursery & Landscaping only sells premium Fraser fir trees from the North Carolina mountains. In fact, we travel there yearly to choose them ourselves. 


Premium Fraser fir wreaths, as well as Christmas trees, will be available while supplies last. So hurry in once the holiday season starts!


Holiday’s Nursery & Landscaping sells florist-quality poinsettias available in the following sizes:
6” • 8” • Hanging Baskets • 10” Extra Large


Call us for more information, or just stop by when the holiday season is upon us to choose the perfect tree, wreath, and poinsettias for your home!

9100 Philips Highway

Jacksonville, FL 32256
General: 904-448-1208
Holiday's Landscaping: (904) 613-9918

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