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Plants, Hardscapes, Christmas Trees, and more!

Holiday’s Nursery & Landscaping

Our Permanent Location

9100 Philips Highway

Jacksonville , FL 32256

(904) 448-1208


Summer Hours
Monday - Sunday 8AM-6PM


Winter Hours
Monday-Sunday 8AM-5PM


Seasonal Spring Locations 
We sell plants throughout various locations in the Jacksonville, FL area for the convenience of our customers. Whether you’re looking for some plants, paver stones with which to construct a garden walkway, or a Christmas tree for the season, call or stop by Holiday’s Nursery & Landscaping for a free consultation!

If you have any questions, please enter them in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

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9100 Philips Highway

Jacksonville, FL 32256
Ph: 904-448-1208

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