Stone Features & Fountains

How To Accent Your Yard

Many people have asked me what they can do to separate themselves from the rest of their neighbors and make their yards stand out. Whenever I recommend an ornamental fountain, birdbath, decorative bench or specialty ornament, most people seem to like the idea because it’s out of the ordinary.


In my opinion there’s nothing like walking up to a front door and first hearing the sound of water falling or seeing a decorative bench surrounded with tastefully planted landscape around it to give me a great first impression. When you walk up to my personal residence, I have two water features that just set off the rest of the landscape. They bring a cool, gentle, breeze-type of feel to my front entry way.


The trend in landscaping and hardscaping today is going towards different unique approaches rather than just marigolds or petunias. Unique, well-thought-out presentations of your home’s outdoor appeal make all the difference in the world to those who come to your home.


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