Privacy Hedges

There are many different kinds of plant materials you can use as a privacy hedge. The two most commonly used here in Northeast Florida is Sweet Viburnum or Ligustrum. These two shrubs grow very dense, about 1 ft per year, and do not break the bank depending on what size you start with. Part of the determination of cost is do you want immediate gratification as in an instant privacy wall or can you wait for a few years. Here's a basic rule of thumb for with Viburnum or Ligustrum. A 3 gal container will take about 6-7 years if planted about 3' on center under normal growing conditions. A 7 gal container would take abut 4-5 years. 15 gal size you should look at approx 2-3 years. 30 gal will give you an almost immediate


There are many other shrubs that can be used for a privacy wall here in Jacksonville.  Here are some other options to name a few:

  1. Loropetalum
  2. Bottle Brush
  3.  Jack Frost Ligustrum 
  4. Howard Ligustrum
  5.  Podocarp


You can also do a privacy row of more of an upright growing plant that will be more expensive initially but has a more uniform elegant look to it.  Some options include:



  1. Italian Cypress
  2.  Spartan Juniper 
  3. Leyland Cypress
  4. Arizona Cypress
  5. Green Giant Arborvitae


Just remember one thing when  you're installing a privacy wall, give plenty of room based on the growth characteristic so as not to encroach on your neighbors property line.  Also if you have a small yard with a pool or patio, even the slab to your house do not plant too close!  The root systems can be very aggressive and damage these surfaces over time.  


If you take these general tips you can be a successful "privacy wall" homeowner.  For more information about Holiday's Nursery, or if you would like us to help you with your landscaping project please give us a call at 904-613-9918.